Monday, October 6, 2014

Perfect Fall to Winter Lip Colors

Hello loves! It is quickly changing seasons. It seems like in a blink of an eye it changed from summer to fall. Guess what that means?! New lip color trends!! (EEK!) If there is something that I cannot live without its definitely color on my lips; whether a nude, pink or a burgundy during the winter, I can't live without them. I have three main colors that I think are the perfect transition to full on winter lip colors. And they are…. (drumroll please)…..

#1 Guerlain Rouge Authomatique 161 Cherry Blossom
This shade of pink is the perfect shade to wear for girls who don't like to cake on a lot of makeup everyday. It is so neutral and makes your lips look (not to bright) but brighter than your natural lip. It for sure is one of the early fall transitional lipsticks. Being a college gal, I love wearing neutral but yet noticeable makeup and this is the perfect fit. 

#2 Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres in Rouge Laque
This glossy but matte lip stain is by far the most genius lip color I have ever experienced… and.. it's matte! Yes, it says glossy stain but by the time you put it on it is completely matte and stays on ALL DAY, I mean it. The slanted brush makes it so much fun to apply and yet makes your lip look perfection in a matter of seconds. This is truly a fall color. When you see articles that say, "What's your perfect red lip color?"… it's this one. 

#3 Mac Matte Lipstick in Sin
When it hits Thanksgiving break, you can bet I will be wearing this lipstick. It is my go to color for the winter and definitely a must have for beauty obsessed girls (much like myself). This burgundy color will look good on anyone, no matter what skin color. It automatically gives you a dramatic yet stylish and trendy makeup look. You can even play up your eyes with a slight smokey eye. My personal fav of any season.. I can't wait to put this color on. It's like the equivalent of Essie's Wicked nail polish, except better. 

These are my three favorite lip colors for this time of year! Don't be afraid to take chances and change up your look every season, that's what makeup is for ladies! I hope you all are having a fabulous week. Comment for any suggestions, questions or hello's. 

Xoxo Steph 

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