Friday, March 28, 2014


Hi lovies! First off, I am so so so so sorry I have been so MIA in the past couple days; school has been cuhrazy and I've been running around like a maniac. So I apologize that I have not caught up with you chicks in a while. So, how's your week going?!
Second, I am asking you all to give me some suggestions…. What do you guys want to read on my blog? More makeup? Outfits? Name anything. If you suggest a post, I'll probably do a post on it either right away or sometime near the time you suggested it. I think this will be a really fun thing to do to interact with you guys to find out more about what you guys love to read about! I honestly could post about anything from food, celebrities, clothes to places to travel to, so nothing is too outside of the box.. don't be afraid to share!!!
I really look forward to hearing from you guys and will try to be better at posting for the rest of this week! Hopefully I'll hear from all of you soon! XOXO Steph

How pretty is my school? Just sayin.


  1. Name your favourite celebrities which inspire your outfits and why? <3 xx

    1. I will be sure to make this one of my future posts! xoxo Steph