Friday, March 21, 2014

A Night for the Movies

Hey chicas! Tonight I totally treated myself to a movie night instead of doing reading that I should have been doing…. oopsies. yolo. Anyway, it truly is maybe one of my all time inspiration movies.

I mean who doesn't want to be Miranda Priestley in this movie? AM I RIGHT PEOPLE?! I mean I could totally settle for Andy's job as well, but nothing beats being at the top. This movie inspires my outfits everyday and always makes me get in the best mood after watching it. It's one of those 'feel good and be inspired' movies. 
As someone who is in love with everything fashion, I can totally relate to this movie, as can all of you I'm sure. Since today was the first day of spring, I felt really springy and didn't even wear a jacket. That's right. I'm praying that this weather continues! Better weather, better outfits! As much as I loved the sweaters and boots, I cannot wait any longer to put on a cute pair of shorts with some cute sandals. 
I hope all of you loves had a great first day of spring! I want to hear from you guys (suggested posts, saying hi, ANYTHING!). Seriously, I love hearing from you guys, it makes my day. See you girls back on here tomorrow. xoxo Steph 

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