Monday, July 6, 2015

NYC Hideouts

Working in New York City in the summer is so much fun but can also be overwhelming when you don't live there year round. It can take a while for a newcomer in the city to find the best coffee shops, restaurants, and quiet places. Luckily for you, I am going to be posting about the places that I have been exploring this summer in the big apple. There is no better feeling than finding a new place in the city that you've never been to; especially a little coffee shop that isn't a crowded Starbucks (I still love you....and your cake pops). Even those of you who don't get to go into the city all the time, this gives you a reason to hop on this train!

My first NYC hideout is....

City Kitchen! 

Located on 44th and 8th, City Kitchen is my most recent favorite place to go for a really fun lunch break. Inside are many different types of food vendors. Sushi, Mediterranean, Mexican, and let's not forget the amazing donut vendor - Dough (you'll thank me later). City Kitchen puts all of the your favorite foods in one place. It's location is right next to Times Square so its convenient for work or if you're just visiting for the day! You can have a seat at their window counter that looks out to 8th avenue for prime people watching, we all do it. The kitchen is also connected to Row Hotel, a very modern hotel in the city. It accommodates any type of taste buds out there so go try it out for yourself!

If you want to let me in on your NYC Hideouts or any place in the city that you love going to, comment below! 
Xoxo Steph 

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