Monday, May 12, 2014

Workout Grind, Are You Ready?

Summer is here girls. We all know what that means. Time to get ready for that bikini bod! Of course nobody wants to deal with it, but we have to. I have recently started to go to cycling classes and I have noticed a huge difference!
The great thing about cycling is that there is a instructor there telling you what to do but you can still go at your own pace. It is such a fun way to workout with great pump up music and a lot of motivation! I go with a group of friends and we always motivate each other even when we don't feel like going. Having a workout buddy helps a lot. Even if you go by yourself I guarantee you will begin to see results in two weeks; even a bunch of celebrities swear by it! It is a super fast way to get back in shape. Don't forget to do some free weights afterwards to work your arms too; that way you target every part of your body.
Go ahead, try it! I always love switching up my workout routines so that I can work every muscle but spinning is definitely a great class to go to a few times a week. Happy workout loves! Xoxo Steph

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